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    Kaisopops | Launched an Anime-focused Funko Website!

    Hi everyone!

    This is just an introductory blog post. My name is Jason and I am the owner of Kaisopops, an Anime-focused funko pop store. I just wanted to say...thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for their ongoing support! To anyone that is new, welcome! I've just created a funko website for anyone to browse and to take a look for what is new and upcoming. The site will be looked after on a regular basis, and there are a lot of things to look forward to when browsing this store. Some things include a list of different anime funko pops to choose from, giveaways and more!

    I also want your feedback/opinion on everything Anime and or Funko Pop-related. I would like to use these blogs to connect with the Funko Community. Let me know what you think is your favourite funko pop, your favourite anime, what pops you like/do not like, what pops you want to collect and/or need in your collection, and what anime/shows you'd like to see funko pops in. Anything that is on your mind - I'd like to hear it! I'm also happy to address any questions in these blogs too for people who are asking similar questions as well.

    Looking forward to what's in store!