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    Kaisopops | FAQ's


    1. How do I contact you and how long does it take for a reply?

    You can either contact me via Instagram (@Kaisopops), or by e-mail ( I won't be responding to any other platform other than these two. Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply. 

    2. Will you be doing pre-orders for the upcoming new Funko Pops and how long do I have to wait? 

    As of right now, all items listed on the site would be available for sale, unless it is sold out. If there is a high enough demand, I will accept pre-orders. Announcements like that will be made here and on my Instagram/Facebook. Please kindly note that the estimated date is subject to change depending on any delays and will be changed accordingly, so please check back for any updates.  

    3. What if I have pre-order items and in-stock items in one order? 

    All items must be available in the warehouse before the package is shipped. Your order will not ship until all items are available. In order to avoid any delays, it is strongly recommended that you place pre-orders and in-stock items separately.

    4. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    I am normally backlogged with orders as the demand is incredibly high. I'd estimate around 5-10 business days before your order is shipped out. Please kindly note that the estimate of your delivery is when the shipping company receives the package, not when your order is placed.

    5. Do you carry non-anime pops as well?

    We do! However, we are specializing in anime funko pops. Feel free to stop by and see if there are any non-anime pops you are interested in.

    6.Where are you based?

    Toronto, ON!

    7. Am I able to pick up if I'm in Toronto?

    Yes! I do have pickup available. Please DM me on instagram (@Kaisopops) to arrange a time.

    8. Is there a physical store I can check out?

    Unfortunately, we are an online store only.

    9. When will my order be shipped?

    You will be notified via e-mail when your package has been shipped.

    10. Do you ship outside of Canada?

    We currently only ship to Canada and the US as well.  

    11. How will I know if something were to restock?

    Restocks happen every now and then. Please view my story on Instagram for restock updates.