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    About Us

    About Us
    It all started out by collecting these Funko pops due to my passion for anime/shows and what influence it has brought for me!
    Kaisopops (est. 2021) is an online store based in Toronto, ON that sells Funko pops, specializing in Anime Pops. We focus on providing excellent service and great communication to our customers. Know that it is handled with care and shipped with confidence so you can proudly showcase your collection!
    "Kaiso" means to "reminisce." Think back to the time you watched your favourite anime or tv show. The memories you made while watching the show really left a memorable mark. Then collecting the figures so you can look at them on shelves and reminisce in the moment, wishing you could watch it all over again.
    I created this online store to have collectors like myself have access to find the Funko pops that they're looking for. Back when I began collecting, I was having trouble finding the ones that I wanted to purchase. It's amazing to get feedback and comments such as "I was looking all over for this!" or "How did you get this?!" as well as people showcasing their new additions to their collections. Please take a look around - there's a funko pop calling your name somewhere on this site. 
    Please do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiries! I'd be happy to help!
    This is what we do here at Kaisopops. We make memories.