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    Kaisopops Funko POP! Anime - Mystery Box!

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    Open up the Kaisopops Funko POP! Anime Mystery Box and you might get lucky! Find your favorite anime character, maybe you'll even win the top prizes. Who knows what surprises are in store? Take a chance and you might come out on top!

    The Funko Pops featured are potential prizes that you could score!

    Please do not combine with pre-orders!

    1. Each box may contain four standard sized pops or bigger size pops equal to or greater in value, or anything in between.

    2. Each box will be guaranteed with at least one anime pop having a sticker of some kind (Special edition, AAA, Specialty, etc.).

    3. The boxes will only include anime pops only - some animes include Naruto, Demon Slayer, One Piece, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

    4. There are no duplicates within each box.

    5. This mystery box is completely random. All pops are randomized into boxes before shipping labels are printed. Once all boxes sell, they will all be printed at once and randomly placed on each box. 

    6. BONUS! People who buy three or more boxes will have an additional stickered (SE, AAA, etc.) anime pop thrown into their package. 

    All 4" pops will come with a protector, but all pops will be packaged to Kaisopops standards.

    This is a great start for a brand new collector as well as a great value for those hoping to expand their collection. There is an anime funko pop out there for everyone!

    Best of Luck!!


    Kaisopops Funko POP! Anime - Mystery Box!